Artist Statement

Lin Holley
I experience art, in its multiple forms, as the unique expression of a society’s spirit: art can be an agent of deliverance and change, it can exalt and heal the spirit and make the world a better place.


I’ve always been a “maker,” combining my need for creativity and spirituality, along with a quest for logic and problem solving. My work is mostly organic abstractions that evoke aspects of nature, but also of geometry, architecture, music or dance.

Ceramics has been, since prehistory, about vessels and as a sculptor and ceramist, I am interested in natural and human-made forms that contain, protect and shape life in its multiplicity of form; a hard wall around an empty space: shells, hulls, buildings…and stories of what may have happened in that space.

Having a background in architectural design, I sketch and study the form in drawings before starting a piece. Sometimes I draw elevations, plans and sections so as to understand how to build the piece and how it will support itself when the clay softens during firing. I often make small models to study the form or full-size templates to be used as a guide during construction.

My imagery is guided by many pilgrimages to Buddhist sites in Asia, where I find calm and connection to something greater than myself. Memory allows me to revisit that feeling. I relive those moments of serenity and timelessness in my work.


Lin working